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Jasper Murphy is an Irish-Canadian artist and illustrator, based in Vancouver, Canada. He holds a HND in Typographic Design, and has lead many lives in the creative industry. Whether painting in his home studio, designing wall murals, dreaming up new tattoos, or collaborating with companies, Jasper aims to produce work that is unusual, colourful, and energetic — along with a touch of mystery. 

"I create shapes of various colours until a pattern starts to emerge that stimulates my mind. Once I’ve connected all the background colours, I draw based on what comes to mind—memories and imaginings. I pretty much allow my imagination to run wild, and follow whatever comes up. I’ll put in some symbolism and self-invented code to disguise a few things, which adds to the intrigue for viewers. 


I grew up in a rural Irish town in West Cork, and we had to go to church every week. My style has been shaped by my time spent staring at the stained glass windows along with all the interlacing scenes represented in the cathedral-like interior. Ironically, I also grew up reading pre-Christian Irish folklore and mythology which fascinated me. They were full with tales of druids, voyages, battles and underworlds. These myths and stories weave their way into my work along with nature and all it’s mad and wonderful creatures.


I think my obsession with questioning the metaphysical is the biggest driving force of my art and trying to understand the complexities of being human. As I create, I also ponder my own thoughts around identity, people and place".